Sure Signs Your Immune System Isn’t as Strong as it Should Be

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What should people know about their immune system?

You know exercise can make your heart stronger. You know puzzles can make your brain smarter. However, even after two years of pandemic health lessons, people are still puzzled as to how to reliably make their immune system stronger. Like your cardiovascular and nervous systems, the immune system is subject to the same lifestyle choices that affect the rest of your body. Eat too much sugar, drink too much liquor, short your sleep hours, and you should not be surprised that you going to wake up with your heart pounding, brain fogged in, and the start of a sore throat. You are the sum of your choices, and a robust immune system is no exception to your cumulative health investments (or lack thereof).

How can the immune system work against the body?

The innate programming of your immune system is only to attack microbial threats and coordinate repairs ranging from skin scrapes to broken bones. Under the influence of environmental toxins, intestinal imbalances (from diet and bacteria), and genetic tendencies, some parts of your immune system can go ‘rogue’ and attack the body it was sworn to only defend. This is called an auto-immune condition because the immune system is attacking parts of self like joints, skin, or internal organs. This is never supposed to happen, serves no evolutionary benefit, and requires major lifestyle changes, detoxification, and medical interventions to stop the attack and remove the triggers of self-attack. Without a coordinated healing effort, the immune system will likely continue to attack self and require strong, immune-suppressive measures.

How can people boost their immune system system?

If you’re thinking of trying to boost your immune system, consider how you would boost the effectiveness of your nation’s defense forces. To have a stronger, more effective military, you would feed them healthy food, ensure they are well rested, avoid unnecessary stress, house them on clean bases, provide cutting edge equipment, and have plenty of munitions so they never run out of bullets and missiles. Same with your immune system. Eat the healthiest food you can, in the cleanest environment you can, under the least stress you can, having had the most restful sleep you can, and taking the best vitamins you can including zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin D. Just like our military, your immune system never gets to take a collective break from defending you from all threats, both foreign and domestic.

4-5 signs your immune system isn’t as strong as it should be. Please format like this.

Sign #1

Most adults get a cold or flu 2 – 3 times yearly. If you’re calling in sick on a monthly basis, you could have a more significant immune deficiency that needs testing and treatments.

Sign #2

When you cut your self, superficial wounds typically take seven days to heal. If you are watching your skin take weeks to heal, then your immune system may be compromised.

Sign #3

When you get a upper respiratory infection, most people with healthy immune systems can fully recover in ten days. If your symptoms go on for most of the month, then there may be issues with the strength of your immune responsiveness.

Sign #4

There are many reasons to be tired. Many people are surprised to learn that one of them is a weak immune system, or low white blood cell count. If you are experiencing unusual fatigue, make sure your healthcare provider includes a screening test for your immune system.

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