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Covid: You Again?

Covid: You Again? November 9, 2020 As predicted, the second wave of Covid-19 infections has come to the Untied States and Europe, mostly due to pandemic fatigue rather than any epidemiological phenomenon. While Japan is seeing a modest resurgence of the virus, the...

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Clearing the Air

Clearing the Air 6-22-20 As most of the planet emerges from the global lockdown, much has been learned about the virus and our collective reaction to it.  What worked.  What didn’t…and Where do we go from here? From my perspective as a frontline healthcare worker...

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Singing is the new Sneezing

Singing is the new Sneezing This past week, the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released a new position statement on Covid-19, telling the public that the virus is spread primarily by person-to-person contact and not by contact with contaminated surfaces. In...

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California: Open Wide

California: Open Wide As California begins to open its shuttered stores, restaurants, bars, salons, factories, parks and beaches, there are some important lessons from the first phase of the Covid Pandemic that can help keep us all safer. While 'the curve' has been...

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From The CoV Frontlines

From The CoV Frontlines... After more than six weeks of helping my patients successfully avoid and fight Covid-19 (CoV), I am writing to provide my perspective on what works, why it works, and how you and your family can stay safe. Before the pandemic hit Los Angeles,...

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Sparta Water

Sparta Water Become an Immune Warrior The Greek Spartans were legendary for their battlefield prowess and physical strength. The Spartans used powerful local herbs to maintain their health and recover from illnesses and injuries. Today, in the city of Sparta, many of...

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How We Protect Everyone

Our Response to Covid-19 Given the current clinical data and my personal observations from the front lines of this outbreak, it remains clear to me that Corona Virus is preventable, treatable, and containable. At The Center for Integrative Medicine, we have helped our...

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“True health can only be achieved when “alternative” medicine is combined with the more traditional western treatments. We call this unique hybrid Integrative Medicine, and it is the most powerful medical discipline ever practiced because it unites the healing traditions of Eastern, Western, and Nutritional medicine. Integrating these medical disciplines allows practitioners like myself to promote health, not just to manage disease.”
– Dr. Hirt