Michael Hirt, MD

Michael Hirt, M.D. obtained his medical degree from Harvard Medical School and completed his Internal Medicine training while conducting medical research at UCLA. Dr. Hirt is one of the rare physicians who then pursued specialty training in Nutrition at UCLA’s prestigious Center for Human Nutrition, and he is board certified in both Internal Medicine and Nutrition.

This seminal decision was based on his long-held belief that Nutrition greatly impacts the ability to fight disease and achieve optimal health. Clinical Nutrition has long been a neglected field of interest by most physicians, and yet it is the very subject that patients wish their doctors could discuss with them.

While at UCLA, Dr. Hirt also studied acupuncture and herbal medicine which allows him to practice a unique style of medicine termed, Integrative Medicine. When evaluating a patient, Dr. Hirt can pull together, or “integrate,” the best therapies from Western science, Eastern traditions, and Nutritional disciplines to form a comprehensive, multi-layered medical program that treats the whole person.

Located in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California, Dr. Hirt’s medical practice is The Center for Integrative Medicine, a nationally recognized and award-winning practice he founded in 1997.

Dr. Hirt is also a featured lecturer at public and societal forums and his counsel is frequently sought by industry clients and the media.

Dr Hirt