The Center for Integrative Medicine

Our Response to Covid-19

Given the current clinical data and my personal observations from the front lines of this outbreak, it remains clear to me that Corona Virus is preventable, treatable, and containable.

At The Center for Integrative Medicine, we have helped our patients successfully face previous pandemics and viral outbreaks including SARS, H1N1, Bird Flu, Zika, and Swine Flu. Integrating advanced Western, Nutritional and Herbal therapies has always proven to be our best option for prevention and recovery.

In response to this evolving situation, my medical office has implemented a number of changes in order to best serve and protect our patients.

  • The office now has two entrances: the front door is for well patients and the back door is for patients who are ill or may have been exposed to a contagious illness, like Covid-19, common cold viruses, or Influenza.
  • The Front Office Waiting Room is exclusively for well patients.
  • Patients who are ill or have been exposed to Covid-19 will have their own private waiting rooms.
  • The office has also designated exam rooms that are exclusively for healthy patients. Actively ill or potentially Covid-exposed patients will not be placed in exam rooms that are for healthy patients.
  • Industrial ‘Air Scrubbers’ are in place for every exam room, the Front Office Waiting room, and the IV suite. These advanced air filters were purchased based on the recommendation of a renowned Environmental Health consultant. The ‘scrubbers’ are capable of removing all airborne contamination, including viruses, bacteria and allergens.
  • The interior private waiting rooms are being regularly decontaminated between patients to ensure our collective health and safety.
  • Patients who have any respiratory symptoms (cough, sneezing, nasal congestion) or are concerned about a Covid-19 exposure will enter through the back door, go directly to the Back Office Nurses’ Station, and will don a facial mask and gloves. Following this, these patients will be taken to private waiting rooms. In the event that all private waiting rooms are occupied, these patients will be asked to wait in their cars until staff call/text them that a private waiting room is available.

Upon learning of the above measures, a Los Angeles Health Department official praised our office for our forward thinking and comprehensive protection strategies.

While these are ‘trying’ times, my staff and I are ‘trying’ harder than ever to safely and effectively treat the sick, counsel the concerned, and support all of our patients on their many roads to health and wellness.

We thank your for your continued support, your patronage, your patience, and your prayers.

We will get through this, one and all, better, stronger and healthier.


Be well,

Michael Hirt, MD

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