A.I.M. Sessions

Achieving and maintaining true health requires the human body to be in a state of balance. There are three core health principles that enable us to maintain balance: Adaptability, Immunity, and Momentum (AIM). It is the mismanagement of Adaptability, Immunity, and Momentum – “bad AIM,” if you will — that leads to disease.

At the request of my patients who want to understand their unique health needs and achieve “true” health, I have created A.I.M. Sessions. These unique office appointments are one-on-one, 50-minute private consultations that will allow me to map out a personalized prevention strategy for you.

Following a comprehensive personal and family medical history review, I will tailor a nutrition, vitamin, herbal, and dextoxification program that will focus on prevention and rejuvenation by improving your A.I.M.

“Prevention” is not a covered benefit of private health insurance or Medicare. A.I.M. Session fees cannot be billed to your insurance and are the responsibility of the patient at the time of the appointment.

Please note: AIM sessions are only available to current patients of Dr Hirt.